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Proactive Investor Relations Management

Once the message and story of a client has been delivered, we will make sure that periodical updates reach our target audiences, hence maintaining an active presence in their minds, or “share of mind”.
Good times and bad times, we will deliver Press Releases, often will we send out messages in the native language of our audience.

Permanent Dialogue

We strongly believe in pro-active communication between companies and their investors. Being concentrated on just a few companies, we dedicate all our attention to better understand the situation of each of them. We coordinate with Management participation to Conference Calls.


Conferences & Site Visits in Colombia

We take our investors to the leading Mining Shows (PDAC, Cambridge House, International
Precious Metals & Commodities Show in Munich and the Annual Mining Show in Medellin) and also arrange site visits to the mining / Oil & Gas production operations, and exploration projects Colombia.
We’ve arranged such trips since 2006, on a twice-yearly basis.

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